Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sterling doll Vs. EnMeshed


First !
The Vendors upstairs now give a 10% Discount for those wearing the ::M:: update Group Tag !!
Second !
This is your last week to collect the Gen 1 Group gift !
Third !
 This super cute lil outfit was released this morning !!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

What is ::M::

Is the store front for Majickk Huntress (magi3 Resident).
I've been making content in SL for nearly my entire (SL) life.
The content I make changes based on my current passions and the needs of the Huntress sims. 
Currently my product line is mostly appliers for mesh bodies i.e.
Slink or Toddleedoo and the appliers range from clothing to nail polishes.

There is an in world group that you can join. 
Members of the in world group get goodies like free nail appliers and the occasional gadget. 

In Secondlife ::M:: has two locations but the primary location is ::

We can also be found on marketplace